Why Are You Looking for a Career in Banking?

Why Are You Looking for a Career in Banking?

Why Are You Looking for a Career in Banking?

Whether you are considering a career in banking or are preparing for an interview for such a vacancy, the question of why you are looking for a career in banking is one worth considering.  It is often asked during the interview process and can be a key way to decide if working in the industry is the right move for you.

Many opportunities

Why Are You Looking for a Career in Banking?

When people look at careers in banking, it is easy to forget that it is a very wide industry with a great number of different areas and therefore different careers.  And here in the UK, we are a financial hub that means many of the biggest names in banking have a presence here, making the best banking jobs available.  This can range from conventional bank jobs in branches or in the head office through to roles such as economists, statisticians and even government relations teams or IT professionals.  Currently, there are over 60,000 people employed in a banking career in the UK – more than the combined numbers in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Working in banking allows you to follow a specific interest within the industry or to find a more general role that allows you to try out and see what you would like to specialise in over time.  You can then look to train or take specialist work that helps you build towards this career aim.

Salary and benefits

We’ve all heard the stories about bankers pay and benefits but let’s say that some of these are fantastical.  However, the fact is that the industry is generally well paid and can have impressive benefits packages.  Most jobs link pay raises to performance so if you have the right mentality for these roles, you can build up an impressive wage over a short time.

Why Are You Looking for a Career in Banking?

Banks also work hard on creating the right environment for their staff, realising that workplace happiness has an impact on productivity.  Some banks have sports and social facilities for staff, even their own sports ground in some cases!  Bankers do work long hours and this is a fact of the career but more banking institutions are also looking to ensure staff is fit and healthy to manage those long hours.

Answering the question

What about if you know that you want a banking career and have to tell someone in an interview why this is?  Focusing on the benefits and salary isn’t the ideal first step but instead, you should look at why the career appeals.

Why Are You Looking for a Career in Banking?

For example, the chance to really push yourself and challenge yourself in new ways is a popular reason for this type of career.  You don’t mind long hours and hard work and you want to be a success.  You want to learn from the best and gain new skills.


It’s true that a banking career isn’t for everyone but if you have the right drive and motivation then there are plenty of different roles you can consider that can also lead to greater things given time and dedication.


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