Square Mile Connections have proven themselves to be by far the best and most supportive staff I have so far encountered. From the moment I forwarded my CV for a permanent position within a major bank, their staff was quick, responsive and very intuitive with regards to their client’s needs and my skills. Their recruiter suggested I make some basic changes to my CV prior to forwarding it to the client and, within a day, I had an interview confirmation! Throughout the interview process, they coached me and gave me me genuine advice – not your usual ” interview do’s and don’ts“. Finally, they managed to get me a salary 20 percent higher than what I initially asked. On a personal note: I had previously applied for the same position through another agency, but I received no “human” response from them. I just wish I knew of Square Mile Connections back then. With regards to the new job, well, I feel I hit the nail on the head – its what and expected and more. Thank you very much Square Mile Connections staff – you know who you are!