I Want to Start My Career in Banking – How Do I Start?

I Want to Start My Career in Banking – How Do I Start?

I Want to Start My Career in Banking – How Do I Start?

I Want to Start My Career in Banking – How Do I Start?

January is often the time when we start thinking about making a change in our lives and for many of us, this might mean a change of job or a new career.  Depending on your interests and aptitudes, then an investment banking career might be the perfect way to go but how do you start building that career?

Getting into investment banking

There are different ways to get into a banking career depending on your background, age and experience.  For example, you may want to study at college and university to gain the qualifications needed for this kind of career.  But if you are looking for something a little quicker, then there are often internships or work placements where people can get started on a banking career.

Some companies also run graduate recruitment schemes where, depending on your past experience and the qualifications you have, you can apply for roles and use as a first step.  Even taking temporary positions can get you the experience that will stand you well for a more permanent position at a later date.

Qualifications and skills required

When you are looking at how to get into investment banking, there are two main areas to consider – qualifications and skills.  But not all of these needs to be directly in banking related matters as a number of so-called ‘soft’ skills can also help your case when applying for a job.

I Want to Start My Career in Banking – How Do I Start?

The basic skills needed for a banking career include:

  • Good numeracy skills although a maths or science degree isn’t always compulsory
  • Good analytic skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • The ability to be enthusiastic and self-motivated
  • Quick to learn and adapt
  • An interest in finance
  • Able to work under pressure and for long hours
  • Detail orientated personality

Experience in similar industries or positions can also be a benefit – for instance working for the finance department of a retail chain will give you some of the skills and background knowledge to move into investment banking.  Computer skills are also useful, especially if you are moving into more technical areas of the industry.

Why become an investment banker?

Some people might look at the career and ask why they would want to consider it?  After all, it is famous for its long hours and high pressure but if the hours don’t bother you and you thrive under pressure, then there are also lots of big rewards.

Financial compensation is a big plus for many people – after all, making money is a key part of the job and if this doesn’t motivate you, then banking probably isn’t your thing.  Salaries are quite impressive for these types of jobs and the opportunity to progress and gain promotions holds the promise of greater finance rewards.

I Want to Start My Career in Banking – How Do I Start?

An enjoyment of working with numbers is important for a banker but also working with people.  There are times when you will work on your own and others where you will work as a team.  So you need to adapt to both and enjoy both if you are going to enjoy working as an investment banker.


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