What Do Financial Recruiters Look for in a Candidate?

What Do Financial Recruiters Look for in a Candidate?

When you are entering the application and recruitment process for a new job, there is a lot of balancing involved.  You want to be yourself but also be the candidate that financial headhunters are looking for.  You want to show off your talents and experience without seeming too pushy or boastful.  Sometimes, the best way to approach the process is to think about what financial recruiters look for in a candidate and how you can fulfill those requirements.

Personality Traits

There are some personality traits that are common across all areas of the financial services and often into many other areas of business.  These are the kind of signs that recruiters look for and that tick a box on their list of traits for their ideal candidate.

What Do Financial Recruiters Look for in a Candidate?

Professionalism, a positive attitude, good basic interpersonal skills and communication abilities are all firm pre-requisites for a job in banking or financial businesses.  Recruiters are looking for people who will fit into a team but also work on their own, who can communicate verbally, in a written medium and on the phone as well as being fluent in email and other internet communication channels.  They want someone who will represent the business in a professional way and has a good, positive attitude rather than someone filled with doubt or uncertainty.

Catch Their Eye

While you never lie to financial services headhunters, it doesn’t hurt to frame your skills, experience and personality traits in ways that will appeal to them specifically.  After all, you could be nearly professional level at playing golf or an excellent website designer but these skills and talents don’t help them with choosing you for the job.  However, attention to detail, ability to learn new skills easily, excellent self-motivation and drive are all good things for a candidate.

That said, don’t be afraid to sell yourself a bit to them.  Say you are in for a promotion but are still considering moving to another company – this shows you are about more than just glory and a pay rise.  Instead, you are more interested in the work you do and the business you work for.  Or maybe you have had interviews with other big name companies in the industry but favour the company the recruiter represents – don’t be afraid to drop that in the conversation.

What Do Financial Recruiters Look for in a Candidate?

Work with the Recruiter

It never hurts to show your confidence in them and let them do their job – too many candidates try to go around the recruitment agency to deal directly with managers at the company.  This won’t win you any points with either as the company has chosen to use the recruiter for a reason.  Instead, have confidence in their abilities and let them guide you through the process.

Talk to the recruiter about your long-term plans too.  By telling them about your ambitions and plans you can help show your drive and ambition but you can also help them decide if you match the aspirations of the company.  After all, there’s no point going through the process only to find that your ambitions and the company’s are at complete odds and you leave within six months.


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