Career Guide – Business Development Manager

Career Guide – Business Development Manager

Career Guide – Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager is the person within a company that works to grow the company within its stated goals, usually involving profit increases and financial growth.  It is a varied role that can suit people with different experience and can offer a number of challenges including developing relationships, creating goals and generating business.

What does the role require?

While the job of business development can change between companies, there are some general duties that you will be required to undertake.  These include creating and building relationships with customers including making initial ‘cold’ contact and building on ‘warm’ leads from people you have already spoken with.  It could also involve conducting research into other businesses to work with or partner with.

Career Guide – Business Development Manager

There is definitely an element of sales to the role, as you are introducing the products and services of your company to others.  Relationship building is key to bringing new customers and retaining existing ones and this might often mean writing reports and create presentations, both for customers and also for management.

The creating of data-led goals as well as identifying new opportunities and methods to develop the business is likely included in the role.  You will also be responsible for forecasting sales targets and ensuring they are met, as well as managing a team and training others.

Career Guide – Business Development Manager

Skills and qualifications

The qualifications required for the role depend on the business in question, though experience in sales, marketing or as a business manager in some form is usually preferred.  A good basic education and a degree in any subject are often required but this may be less important than experience, depending on the age of the candidate.  You can work through the ranks to get this kind of role too.

You need excellent communications skills to manage this kind of job and also need a high level of IT skill.  You need to be able to get along with people ranging from the team you work with to customers and contacts in other businesses with an ability to stay calm under pressure and work to deadlines.  You need the teamwork and leadership skills to lead a team and have the time management and organisation skills this requires.  Finally, you also need strong sales and negotiation techniques.

Career Guide – Business Development Manager

Salary, hours and progression

Salaries are varied depending on where in the country you are based but typically start at around £25,000 and can be as high as £60,000 for a highly experienced, successful candidate.  There are also other benefits such as private healthcare and a company car that some businesses may offer.

The standard week looks much like normal office hours but there is often a requirement to work outside these for meetings or conferences.  A driving license is usually preferred to enable you to travel as required.

In terms of the career path, you can move into roles such as senior development manager, business development executive or even a marketing director.  The skills learned in the role also mean you can move into other areas of the business as required.



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