Accounting Recruitment

Accounting Recruitment

If you have a natural aptitude for maths and working with numbers or an analytical mind, then working in accounting may be the perfect kind of job for you.  Another advantage of working in this industry is that almost every business requires some form of accounting services, so accounting recruitment agencies London and around the UK are always looking for candidates.


Some aspects of working in accountancy require a specific qualification, including a Bachelor’s level degree.  However, there are also a number of other qualification routes that include on-job training or short courses that gain a recognised qualification that will allow those accountancy recruitment consultants to start looking at you for roles.

The most popular accounting qualifications include:

  • Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) – three levels combining industry knowledge with practical skills
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – two levels: Fundamental and Professional with modules covering aspects such as business law, audit and assurance
  • ICAEW Chartered Accountant – three to five years’ practical work experience and a 13-module course

Areas of accountancy

Accounting Recruitment

There are two main areas of accountancy – management accounting and financial accounting.  Within these are also a number of specialist areas but most accountancy recruitment agency job boards will cover a range of both types of roles.

Management accountancy gives information to people within a company while financial accounting gives information to those outside the company, such as shareholders.  Management accountancy isn’t a legal requirement and only applies to some products while the financial accountant covers the whole of an organisation.  The latter tends to be the most popular area because there are many more roles available within it than in management accountancy.

Examples of careers within financial accountancy include working as an auditor, corporate finance, forensic accounting and helping with business recovery and insolvency.  Then there is the area that most people associate with the accountant – tax.  Roles can range from entry level positions as clerks and accountant assistants through to bookkeepers, finance directors, analysts and credit control as well as higher level positions including finance directors, head of finance and fund accountant.

Accounting Recruitment

Working in these areas can be done in both private and public sectors with accountancy recruitment agencies London in particularly being able to offer a range of these vacancies.  There are also opportunities in not for profit sectors such as charities or community projects.

Why use a recruitment agency?

There is nothing to stop you reaching out to a business yourself to apply for a vacancy but with accounting being a complicated area with very specific requirements from a business, it can often be easier to use a recruitment agency.  These jobs will often be separated into non-qualified, part-qualified, qualified and executive to help separate the kind of experience and qualifications package that the business is seeking from the applicant.

They can review your qualifications and experience to help you decide that jobs are best for you to apply for, saving you time and increasing the chance of you being the candidate that the business is looking for.

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