Accounting Recruitment

Accounting Recruitment

Accounting Recruitment

Accounting is one of the key areas for businesses in all industries and this means that accounting recruitment agencies London and around the country are always looking for people to fill these roles.  There are also a number of areas within the accountancy profession that mean you can find a role that suits your talents and your tastes.


Accounting Recruitment

The first step is to look at your qualifications and any training you may need.  Again, an accountancy recruitment agency will be able to guide you on the kind of qualifications that employers are seeking.  Some accountancy recruitment consultants even have connections with jobs where training is part of the role, though these are often entry level positions so be careful that the salary is sufficient for your needs.

You can take a degree in accountancy and become a generalised accountant, able to work on a company’s accounts for bookkeeping and tax purposes as well as for the general management of the business.  Then there are probably hundreds of specialist areas that you can enter into, depending on experience and qualifications.

Types of accounting careers

There are lots of different areas of accounting that are available, once you have a strong basis of qualifications and/or experience.


Auditing is one of the key areas of accounting and jobs in these areas include important tasks such as accounting ledgers, financial statements and public information for not-for-profit organisations.  Auditing has become a very computer based area of accountancy so good computer literacy is important.  It is also an area that can lead to specialist types of work.

Budget analysis

Accounting Recruitment

Budget analysis helps a business manage its money – crucial when many businesses fail due to cash flow issues.  There are roles of this nature in both private and public sector and strong quantitative skills are essential for this kind of role – a head for numbers, as they used to call it.

Financial accountants

Financial accountants sound like stating the obvious but this is the area of accountancy that looks at general financial statements, ledgers and helps with the financial viewpoint of business decisions.  This usually involves looking at how much money a business is making and if it can afford the investment or expansion proposed.  These are one of the most common types of jobs that accountancy recruitment agencies London and around the UK have on their books.

Tax accountants

Accounting Recruitment

Tax accountants specialise in creating personal and corporate tax statements for HMRC.  This involves understanding the tax system, what businesses can claim for and how they must pay their tax.  A side order of legal knowledge is often required to get this kind of job in a large firm due to the complicated nature of tax.


Every area of business as well as the government require accountants in their many different forms and this means that a qualified accountant will rarely be without work opportunities.  There is also plenty of room to expand your portfolio of work and to move through the ranks in big companies.


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